Individual, couple and family therapy is typically conducted in 50 minute sessions. The sessions are usually done in one of our clinics, however, it is also possible to arrange a home visit, or a consultation in a neutral, safe area in cases where the safety or anonymity of the client are under threat.

Clinical Psychologist

General Psychologist

Bulk Billing
If you are eligible for a Medicare rebate and you are a health care card holder or pensioner, you will not pay any out-of-pocket expenses.

Private Health Insurance
Clients who have private health care will need to consult their health insurance provider for eligibility and rebates.

Parenting Program
We offer a number of different parenting packages which give you the flexibility to choose a program that best fits your needs.

Single Session

Brief Treatment
$360 (3 sessions for mild to intermediate cases)

Intermediate Treatment
$720 (6 sessions for intermediate cases)

Enhanced Treatment
$1200 to $1440 (10-12 sessions for complex cases)

Other Services
Please phone our central office for all assessment and psychometric testing fees.

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